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Welcome to Ethiopia! This is the land of, the first foot print of mankind, origin of coffee, thirteen months of sunshine and three in one tour destination. 

Ethiopia is located in the Horn of Africa, and shared her boundary with Eritrea in the North and Northeast, with Djibouti and Somalia in the East, with Kenya in the South and with Sudan in the West and Southwest. Geographically the country lies between 30 and 180 North Latitude and 330 and 480 East Longitude. 

The topography of the country can be dived in to three main parts: 

  • The high land: Which is covered most part of the northern, central land of the country and some area of the southern part. Thus the country is called the ‘Roof of Africa’ due to the greater part of the topography is mountainous.
  • Rift valley: It divides the country in to two parts from north eastern to south western and covers most of lowlands of the country including the rift valley lakes and crater lakes in the southern part of the country.
  • Plateau (flat land), it is stretched in northern (Dankil), in the east (lowlands of Ogaden); in south eastern of the country till the border of Kenya besides Afar, lower Omo and some part of Oromo.

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