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Welcome to Habesha Tours and Travel Agency, the one who developed rich experience in hospitality industry, specially, in tourism sector. The company was established in the year 2000GC by the initiative of an Ethiopian owner, who spent more than a decade in a tourism sector and contribute a remarkable portion for the countries’ both in-bound and out-bound Tourism development. 

The name Habesha is first given by the Arabs to the indigenous settlers for they have mixed coloured people and none Arab complexions again more of Black African and brown color, or a land of mixed Coloured people. Thus, the name of our Company Habesha Tours and Travel came exist from the truth which the country has a long history in accommodating different people in harmony and Love. 

Based on the written documents of the country the history of Ethiopia begins with the Sabean Inscriptions found in Axum, which states that the beginning of the 5th century BC there was a  huge number of the Sabean (People from Southern Arabia) influx to the Red Sea Coastal Regions and found their settlement on today’s Axum. Then through intermingling and intermarriage with the indigenous People they begun to built the Axumite Empire, which flourished as one of the strongest Empire next to Rome, Persia, and China. 

Habesha offers the best service for those planning to visit Ethiopia, by giving full attentions for any kind of request by our professional and experienced tour operators, guides, drivers, cooks and supporting staffs to make your holidays pleasant and unforgettable.


We offers the best service for those planning to visit Ethiopia