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Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia as well as Africa. It is one of the most significant cities in Africa and encompasses garden trees and flowers. Its elevation ranges between 2000m and 3200m above sea level that makes Addis Ababa the 3rd highest Capital next to Rieo-De Janero and Lapaze. Moreover, Addis Ababa is situated almost the central part of the country with an average temperature of 160c (it is moderate temperature). Although the weather is usually sunny and dry, there are two rainy seasons: the small rainy season (BELG) rains from February to April and the biggest (KIREMT) rains from mid-June to mid-September.

Addis Ababa was first founded by Emperor Menilk II in 1887. Before Addis Ababa became the capital of the country, Entoto was the seat of the Shewa province of king Menelik II however, Menilik’s wife Empress Taitu used to come to Finfine (the place where natural hot spring water is sourced) in order to take hot bath because she had a problem with her leg due to the very cold temperature at Entoto and also built a small house beside the hot spring. She convinced the king to shift his capital and named the place Addis Ababa, which signifies “New Flower”. 

In this big sprawling, hospitable city modern buildings and wide-open boulevards stand side by side with Historic Churches, Palaces and Monuments, simple country huts, houses and old buildings. On the other hand, several such type of buildings remain starting from the Menelik II era and give an oriental touch with their charming wooden balconies.

National Museum

The museum was first established in 1944 by exhibiting few archaeological collections as well as some ceremonial costumes. Again it was reestablished in 1952 with new archaeological and paleontological findings. Then the museum is gradually developed and transformed in to its present standard as the country’s leading museum in 1966.

Some of its duties are:

  • To register the heritages that are discovered either by local or foreign scientists.
  • To repair the aged secular paintings
  • To give technical support for other museums
  • To give service for domestic and foreign visitors by charging small amount of money

Most importantly, Lucy, the old fossil of mankind was discovered in the Afar region of Denakil in Hadar by Donald Johanson in 1974. This skeleton has fulfilled 40% of human bone structure and identified as a female skeleton because of the presence of pelvic bone. This archaeological crew called her name Lucy. Because, when they found the skeleton, they were listing the Beatle song in the title ‘Lucy in the sky with the diamonds’. But her nick name is ‘Dinkinesh’, signifies you are wonderful. Currently only the replica one is displayed for visitors and the original skeleton is kept another place for security purpose.

Trinity church

This church is located in the northern part of Addis Ababa, and it was established by Emperor Hailessilasie in 1955 for his 25 years anniversary of throne. The church is very large Cathedral, and is curved very precisely. The interior part of the church like other churches is divided in to three sections. The outer section is reserved for the believers, the holy section is the place where priests perform religious activities and the sanctuary is the seat of the replica of Ark of the Covenant. The wall is decorated with window glass paintings of different biblical stories and other Saints story. The throne of Emperor Hailesselassie and his wife Emperess Menen are in front of the believers’ seat in the church. Besides, there is also an empty coffin in the church.


Entoto is located in the north tip of Addis Ababa and its elevation ranges 3200m above sea level.

Entoto was the capital of Shawa province before Emperor Menelik II shifted his capital to Addis Ababa. Still the palace of Emperor Menelik II is stood in the compound. Moreover, there is also a museum which exhibits different royal and church costumes, crosses, different gifts, and Menelik personal materials.


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