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This tribe belongs to the south Omo valley. They are a semi- pastoralist and known for their bull jumping and Evangadi dancing practice. When a young man desires to get married, he must jump over back of 7-15 bulls for two rounds without falling down in each way but at the end of each way he dismounts for a while. And if he finishes successfully he will marry according to his choice and he will also joins the ranks of Maza, and counted from those men groups who completed a jumping ceremony. A person must jump castrated male cattle in order to be successful in his marriage life. But before he jumps, his female relatives are striped by stick to show their affection to the Jumper. Above that, young girls and boys dance Evangadi at the night for two or three consecutive days with regard the bull jumping and his parents will take over in preparing a feast for the villagers.

The Hammar usually trade with their neighbors and produce sorghum and maize. They are also known particularly for their remarkable hairstyles. The women mix together ochre, water and a binding resin, rub the mixture into their hair, and then twist strands again and again to create coppery-colored tresses known as ‘goscha’. These are a sign of health and welfare. The Hammar tribe is an indigenous group of people in Africa. They are also considered masters of body decoration, every adornment has an important symbolic significance; earrings denote the number of wives a man has. The women wear bead necklaces, iron coils around their arms, and decorate their skin with cowry shells. The iron torques’s around their necks are known as Ensente and are worn by married or engaged women only. They indicate the wealth and prestige of the woman’s husband. Young, unmarried girls wear a metal plate in their hair that looks like a bit platypus bill. The iron bracelets and armlets are an indication of the wealth and social standing of the young girl’s family. When she gets married, she must remove the jeweler; it is the first gift she makes to her new family.

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