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When we study the historical background of Ethiopia, Axum and Yeha are the main significant towns in the country which serve with the emergence of an important center of civilization. The Temple of Yeha dates back perhaps the sixth or seventh centuries BC remains of a large stone temple also known as the “Moon Temple”, dating to about 500 BC still survives. 

The state of the queen of Sheba, mentioned in the Old Testament is sometimes believed to have been in Ethiopia. According to the Ethiopian legend, best represented in the “KEBRE NEGEST”, the queen of Sheba is tricked by King Solomon into sleeping with him, resulting in a child, named EBN MELEK (later Emperor MENELIK I). When he was of age, MENELIK returned to Israel to see his father, who sent with him the son of Zadok to accompany him with a replica of the Ark of the Covenant (Ethiosemitic : Tabot). On his return with some of the Israelite Priests, however, he found that Zadok’s son had stolen the real Ark of the Covenant. It is believed the Ark is still being preserved at the church of our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum, Ethiopia.

Moreover, Axum was the ancient capital of the country which classified as a world heritage site. The city is endowed with magnificent historical sites like the Obelisks, ruined palaces, Tombs, Museum, and the house of the Ark of the Covenant (Saint Mary of Zion church).  

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