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It is located in the Afar region of the country which is situated in the northern east part of the country. Geologically one of the most active volcanic spot on the Planet Earth, it is a vast expanse of deserts, lava and below sea level salt plains and lakes, active and extinct volcanoes along a south/north chain. The hottest average temperature on earth with an extremely salty lake (Lake Afrera) at 120 meters under, the sea level kept alive by many thermal springs feeding it. It is also the land of Australopithecus Afarensis (Lucy from Hadar, in Afar), which has three million years old ancestor and having all the characteristics of Homo Spines. This area is endowed with natural attraction sites majorly Erta Ale, Afrera etc. 

Erta Ale is located in the remote area of Afar Depression. It is a natural volcano, and a person can see the volcano lake from the volcano rim only 20m away, which be able to experience the whole staff physically. Usually, when visitors need to visit the volcano the preferable route is Mekele-Berhale-Dodum-Erta Ale, of course it is possible through Awash-Afdera-Erta Ale. 

Thus, Arta Ale is the most active volcano in Africa and it is commonly visited by a large number of tourists from all over the world. The lava lake remained for more than 125 years and since 1967 the eruption continues without stop.

Dallol is located in the Afar region near the Eritrean border. It is the hottest spot in the world in terms of average temperature. It is also the lowest place in Africa, reaches -116m above sea level and the temperature ranges above 500C. There are hot yellow sulfur fields among the sparkling white salt beds.

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