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Sof Omar is located south east of Ethiopia in Bale in a small Muslim village called Sof Omer, at 120 kilometers away from Goba and it is the largest cave system in Ethiopia and in Africa. The name of the village is after the known Sheikhca called Sof Omer. 

It is 15km long and lies at an elevation of 1300m above sea level. The caves area is typically characterized by flat topography and deep gorges and cut by the river web. The cave has many white washed pillars particularly in the chamber of columns. It is formed with the combination of one lies from the north to the south while the other runs east to west and make a Zig-Zag shape. In the other hand, it has more than 42 gates but out of them only four are operating via the village passing a shrine used by the locals. Above the cave on the basalt plateau, the large shake valley 100m wide and 60m deep is found. 


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