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Day 01: In the morning session visit the National museum which comprises four sections. The basement is the pre historic section which exhibits 12 latest fossils, animal remains and stone tools. The oldest fossil Ardi and Lucy are also displayed here.  The second section is kept the collection of historic relics which flash back to Pre Axmite and Axumit period. The third section exhibits different painting and the final section reserves for several cultural and traditional tools. Then drive to Entoto, the capital of the Shawn province before Addis Ababa. It elevates 3200m above sea level and the saint Mary museum and Emperor Menilik II palace are opened for visitors. 

In the afternoon, visit the trinity cathedral church and its museum. The church is opened in 1955 to commemorate the victory of Ethiopia over the invader Italian fascist for the second times. The interior part of the church is painted richly with very remarkable biblical and other saint’s story. The compound is full of graves of the highly ranked officials, famous scholars and artists. Then drive to the largest open air market in the Africa ’Mercato’ which is the busiest and nucleus for money transaction. End service.


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