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Tour to Historic route with Simien Mountain National Park 15 days/14 Nights

Tour Program

Tour Code = HTTA 0016
Tour Category = Tour to North Historic Route

Day 01: Transfer in to hotel and arranging the luggage in the hotel. Then visit the National\Archaeological museum, which is the place where the oldest skeleton ‘Lucy’ as well as a lot of archaeological and historical findings is reserved. Then stay to visit the Trinity cathedral in the morning session. After lunch drive to Entoto which is located in the northern tip of the city and see the Saint Mary church, the museum and the palace of Emperor Menelik there. And then drive back to Addis and see “Merkato” the largest open air market in Africa. Overnight: Jupiter international hotel (4*)

Day 02: Early in the morning, drive to Bahir dar, capital city of Amhara region, and the place where the largest Lake ‘Lake Tana’ is located, cross through the Blue Nile gorge and on the way see the 13th century monastery Debere Libanos. Moreover, pass through Debere Markos the old capital of the Gojjam province. Overnight: Abyminch lodge

Day 03: In the morning, taking a boat trip on lake Tana to see the 14th and 15th century monasteries of ura Kidane Mehiret and Azua Maryam , which are situated in Zege island, drive back to Bahirdar .After lunch drive to Blue Nile falls en route visit the market. Overnight: Abyminich lodge.

Day 04: Early in the morning depart Bahir dar on the way to Gondar, the 17th century capital of the country and the Imperial city. It is also classified as a world heritage site. In the afternoon visit the castle compound, Debre Birehan Selassie,the Fasildas bath, Qusquam palace. Overnight in the Goha Hotel

Day 05: On this morning drive to Chenek camping site on the way visit the Jinbar waterfall, seeing fascinating landscape as well as Gelada baboons. Overnight Chenek camping.

Day 06: Early in the morning make a trekking for 2-3hours.on the waythere visits the endemic ones Gelada baboon, red fox and Walya ibex on other hand it is common to see giant moll rat, lobelia, lammergeyer and others.overnight in Chenek Camping.

Day 07: In the morning, depart Chenek and drive to Axum via Debark the head quarter of Simien National park it is a long distance travel through Tekeze Bereha where its lowest altitude reaches 800m above sea level. Currently, the way is under construction to become asphalt. Moreover, pass through Sherie and other small villages. Overnight: Axum Yeha hotel

Day 09: After having a breakfast, city tour in the ancient and holy city of Axum. It is a world heritage site and the old capital of the country for about 800 years. In the morning session visit the stele complex which holds the freely standing (monolithic) monuments with its unique architectural style. Additionally, visit archaeological museum, Caleb and Gebre Meskel tomb. After lunch continue to see the ruin palace of queen of Saba and finally, Saint Mary of Zoin (the house of the Ark of the Covenant). overnight Yeha hotel.

Day 10: Drive to Mekelle through historically very significant mountains (Adawa Mountains) which reminds us the place where the great battle between Ethiopia and the invader fascist Italy was held. And the Ethiopian troops used as a fortress. Furthermore, the final victory of the Ethiopian troops scored here. Yeha and Debre damo are also located on the way to Mekele. Overnight in Axum Hotel

Day 11: Early in the morning depart Mekelle (the capital city of the country during the reign of Emperor Yohannes in the late 19th century) to Lalibela via korum, en route see magnificent landscape and rural areas with large farm scales. Overnight: Lalibela Mountain View hotel.

Day 12: After having breakfast, city tour of Lalibela, which is the host of the remarkable 12th century rock hewn churches and one of the 8th wonder of the world. Moreover, it is classified as a world heritage in 1978; visit the first group of churches which holds six rock hewn churches. and two of them are monolithic (completely separated from the main rock and standing freely) Moreover, they are known also Earthly Jerusalem or the northern cluster. After having lunch continues to see the 2nd group of churches, which is also known as Heavenly Jerusalem again it contains four churches and only Bete Amanuel is monolithic. At the end visit the third group of church which is finely curved Bete Giorgis. It believes that this church was the last work of Lalibela from the Lalibela complex. Overnight: Mountain view Hotel

Day 13: In the next day morning, drive to Yemrehan Kirstos, which is located from Lalibela. It is established by king Yemerhane Kirstos, who was one of the first king priest in Zague Dynasty. Again it believes that it has been constructed on the water and decorated very well. Then drive back to Lalibela and taking lunch there. In the afternoon, drive to Nakuto le’abe church. It is also a cave church and decorated very well. Overnight: Mountain View hotel.

Day 14: Drive to Kombolcha en route Weldia and Hayek and Dessie . It is a long drive with very fascinating scenic view. Overnight: Kombolcha sunny side Hotel

Day 15: In the morning drive to Addis, on the road to Sembete market, Debre Brehan and other small village. In the evening, have fare well dinner in one of the traditional restaurant in the capital and transfer to the air port for the departure flight.

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